Kunjungan Dinas Kebudayaan Klungkung

Kunjungan dinas kebudayaan klungkung ke Bharata Museum & Gallery. Thank You
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Interaktif dan Pengenalan Visi Misi Paslon Gubenur Bali

Interaktif dan pengenalan visi misi paslon gubenur bali Ida Bagus Rai Mantra dan bapak Ketut Sudikerta. Di Bharata Museum & Gallery @griya_dalem_saraswati 18.04.18
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Latihan Megambel Ibu Ibu PKK

Latihan megambel Ibu Ibu PKK Banjar Selat Banjarangkan at Griya Dalem Saraswati / Women of Banjarangkan Village practice play traditional Balinese orchestra...
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Start Your Day with Positive Charging. Start Your Day with Fitness. ?‍♀️??Sunday Morning...
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All Recent Activities

Dinner Reception

Thank You for trusting Us for organizing Your special moments. Dinner...

The Special Activites

Special activities you can do in Griya Dalem Saraswati with all property

Balinese Wedding

Want a Simple and Fresh Balinese Wedding ? Puri Taman Sari will arrange for you a classically simple Balinese wedding complete with traditional wedding flower arrangements, ceremony and handmade decorations in the royal compound overlooking the rice fields and open sky.

  • Simple Balinese Wedding Dress, Make Up and Hair Do, Hand bouquet
  • Simple Balinese Venue Setting & Decoration
    – 2 Balinese Traditional Flag (Penjor)

    – 1 Balinese Coconut Leaves Plengkung
    – 2 Balinese Janur
    – 6 Balinese Hanging Janur (Paku Pipit)
    – 2 Balinese Umbrella
    – Simple Flower Petal
    – Wedding Offering
  • Simple Balinese Procession and Ceremony
    – 2 Umbrella Boys
    – 2 Flower girls
    – 2 Rindik Player
    – 1 Temple Priest
  • Simple Photography result in Edited Raw files
  • Wedding Gift Souvenir

Schedule:  10.00 – 12.00, 15.00 – 17.00


Culture is also reflected in the dishes. balinese believe that the love comes from the sight and the food. Try those cakes and cookies, find out how people could fall in love by them. Believe it or not, selling cookies is an old customs for girls to find the love of life in Bali.

Its particular rice cultivitation system has make Bali famous for centuries, and Puri Banyuning Bongkasa, in the old days, was an important centre of rice cultivation system. Balinese rice is not only staple food, but the taste of original Balinese riceis delicious.

There is is always a variety of dishes for your plate. Bite some Balinese cuisine for you to make this experience complete. Balinese food is sometimes hot and spicy, but you can always ask the staff to choose a milder dish for you.

Other Activites You Can Do

Class of Making Fruit & Flower Offering

Learn how to design the fruit and flower offering for the ceremony. It can be useful for your home or any party decoration


Stuff of coconut leaves

** Course Min. 2 Person

Balinese Dancing Course

Learn the 2 kinds of basic Balinese dance, 1 hours for each dance. Our local artist will teach the movement of all the body in a beautiful way. Expression every part of your body in a dance, from head to toe.


Sarong and scarf

** Course Min. 2 Person

Balinese Procession & Dance

The sounds of traditional gamelan orchestra always accompany the elegant movements of Balinese dancers. The kind of instrument vary from traditional metallophone to drums, and there are some instruments made of bamboo or wood. There are always dances performed for big ceremonies in the villages or in the palaces. For the Balinese, any dances are not only movements, during special ceremonies they are considered as offering to Gods or ancestors.

Traditional Bali Yoga

Beginner can follow the class until expert student. The objective is to reach the deepest site of peaceful mind, heart and balancing your energy. It also help participant who has some physic or mental problem.

Inclusion :

Yoga instructor
Mineral water

Duration : 1.5 hours Min. 3 person


Other Activities & Event

Anda bisa menggunakan Griya Dalam Saraswati ini untuk kepentingan lainnya seperti pertemuan, seminar, penggalian dana, pelatihan, acara keluarga, acara adat dan sebagainya. Silahkan hubungi kami untuk informasi lebih lanjut

Get More Experiences

In Griya Dalem Saraswati (GDS) you not only get stay but you get more amazing experience. You can stay, make an event, more close with traditional people and traditional activities. You can't get complete experience only in here. We invited you to come Griya Dalem Saraswati.

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